It is the ultimate for the fire fan. Our largest brazzier combines fire, warmth and light with exceptional design.

The Feurio becomes the warming and cosy centre of every garden party, even into the early morning.

Like all our brazziers, the Feurio is also permanently heat-resistant, stores heat for a particularly long time and does not age. After all, it is made of a very special material: CeraFlam® - our unique ceramic. We are the only ones to offer this.

Handmade in Germany. For you from Denk.

Our unique fire ceramic

Special quality comes from a special material. That is why we make the Feurio from CeraFlam® , our trademark Denk fire ceramic. There is probably no other ceramic material that has such exceptional properties – the perfect combination of natural characteristics and findings from space exploration.


CeraFlam® is permanently heat-resistant, stores around 3 times as much heat as steel and does not age. It is no wonder that the recipe is our closely guarded secret and that the Comfy Braziers are exclusively handmade in Germany.

Fabian Denk


With a diameter of 65cm, Feurio is a brazier on a grand scale. Six fireproof ceramic elements and a base plate are individually integrated into a rustproof, stainless steel frame. The solid elements make Feurio extremely robust and store heat over a very long period. With its large diameter, Feurio is the perfect fire experience for every occasion.

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If we control it and watch over it, then fire is our friend

What was German poet Friedrich Schiller thinking about when he wrote these lines? If he had been alive today, he might have been thinking about a summer evening by the Feurio. You too can enjoy the light of the flickering flames, the wonderful warmth and crackling wood. Experience Feurio.

Jutta Denk


Feurio has a large diameter so it is easy to remove ash and wood with a dustpan and brush. If necessary, you can remove one of the side parts to sweep out the ash. Please remember that embers can remain in the ashes for up to 24 hours. Wood ashes make excellent fertilizer.

Particles may settle on the surface of the rust-proof, stainless steel frame as a result of air pollution or other factors. This can also lead to volatile rust. These surface impurities are easy to remove with a fine sanding sponge.


You can burn any type of wood in the Comfy Brazier. The ideal firewood is approx. 20cm long and split.
The wood should always be dry and seasoned to avoid smoke.

Do not use coated wood, plastics, waste paper or other waste. This could result in toxic smoke and also damage the ceramic.