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3Quellen Pitcher

EMCrystal® – The Pitcher for Active Drinking Water

Together with the glassmaker Cornelius Réer, we have come up with the first EM glass in the world - EMCrystal®. 

According to Professor Dr. Teruo Higa effective micro-organisms (EM) have a water-activating effect in connection with ceramic. The EM are added in liquid form as a natural solution during the ceramic-producing process. 

  • Tap water is turned into active drinking water
  • First EM glass in the world
  • Effective micro-organisms (EM) form a water activating glass surface 
  • Handmade in Germany from a specially designed crystal glass 
  • Designed to match the 3Quellen Pulsator
  • The effect is permanent, it does not wear off 


Made of specially designed crystal glass

Thick-walled, high quality glass


If you are dissatisfied with the product during the first 6 months we will refund the purchase price.

EMCrystal® - Our World First 

An intricate procedure is needed to give glass a reactive EM surface where the EM structures are applied to the red hot glass from outside. With EMCrystal®, we are the first ones to be successful at this anywhere in the world. EMCrystal® can only be mouth-blown in special beech wood moulds and cannot be produced industrially.

You can clearly see the traces of EM in EMCrystal® pitchers because the glass is not industrially smooth. Instead it has a surface structure you can see with the naked eye. In addition, the thick-walled glass is interspersed with small and minimal chambers while the bottom is reinforced and formed as a wave inwardly. The glass shimmers with faint turquoise colours making our EMCrystal® pitcher a high-quality glass work and a decorative adornment for every table.

Just pour tap water into the pitcher and your drinking water will be energetically enhanced in the EMCrystal® pitcher. You will note a fresher and more pleasant taste.

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Article 3QUK
18 cm
Height 21 cm
Weight 1,10 kg
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3Quellen Pitcher