Growing micro-greens in a micro-garden

Harvest your own micro-greens in a micro-garden! A place where you can grow tasty superfood plants quickly and with little care required, for decorative purposes, all in a few days.

What is the secret of a bountiful harvest? The right kind of watering: This is something that we have solved with a patented reusable substrate stone. This provides micro-greens with the optimal dose of moisture that they need to thrive.

There is no waterlogging or odours, and it is also sustainable: with a micro-garden, gardeners can enjoy doing their thing on the window sill, with or without green thumbs.

Growing and harvesting in a cycle

The seeds require darkness to germinate, and then the seedlings need sunlight to grow. With your micro-garden set you can grow and harvest continuously. After the germination, just replace the lower bowl with the upper one.

In the lower bowl you can repeat the germination process, while the seedlings in the upper bowl are growing. This allows for a continuous cultivation cycle.

Patented plant stone

The plant stone consists of the patented Porosium® ceramic. It absorbs a lot of water and releases it in good doses. This is how the seeds – and, later, the seedlings – are cared for in such an optimal way. Since the stone stores water and automatically sucks up new water out of the bowl, hardly any care is required. When the harvest comes, the plants (including their roots) can be removed easily. The stone is cleaned, after which it is ready for use again. There is nothing more sustainable.



Watch it grow

The nutrient-rich plants grow very quickly – you can really watch it happen in the warm and bright months, and enjoy your delicious seedlings after only a few days.