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Bumble-Bee Castle Granicium®

Bumble-bees are among the most important pollinating insects. Their temperature-immunity makes it possible for them to remain searching for food much longer than bees. With the DENK Bumble-Bee castle, these useful creatures can be given a nest which is almost natural and they can be given a specific home in the garden. We have painted the entrance to the Bumble-Bee castle blue, because bumble-bees are attracted by this colour. In spring, the queen uses the Bumble-Bee castle as nest, in autumn it is used as winter quarter. Nesting wool is included.

DENK Animal Welfare

Animal protection is a major concern for us. Civilisation is forcing more and more animals out of their natural habitat. We hope that our animal protection products will spur on your enthusiasm for animal protection and at the same time guarantee that our native animals have somewhere to live.

DENK animal protection products are made from patent protected Granicium® ceramics with 15-year material guarantee. The ceramics are very stable, durably frost-proof and mould-proof. They store up heat during the day and radiate it over night. 

Each of our animal protection products has been developed and tested by experts. Our products are recommended by German and European animal welfare organisations. All of our products have been handmade with care in Germany. The high quality and long lifespan of our ceramics protect the environment in the long term.

For bumblebee friends
For bumblebee friends
In spring, the bumblebee builds its nest in the bumblebee castle, and in autumn it hibernates there. In return, they get the best flower pollination.
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27 cm
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Bumble-bee castle Granicium® , packed in a transportation box, nesting wool, instructions