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Heated Tile Stove for Cats

In 1999 we invented a heated ceramic tile stove for cats. It was first made for our own cat named Minka. Minka is a black cat of 14 years and has rheumatic problems in the cold German winters. We were looking for a way to make the cat recover and feel better. So we used our knowledge in building tile stoves to produce a smaller one for cats. 

The special idea is that the healthy radiation heat which is spent by tile stoves goes deep into the body to warm up and cure diseases. So we developed "Minkas Kachelofen" (means Minka`s tile stove). It is heated with an electrical heating element which consumpts only 10 watts of electricity and warms the catbed up to maximum temperature of 118°F. When the maximum is reached, the heat element automatically stops. 

The cat stove is delivered with a washable cotton quilt.

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Article MK-CN
Length 33 cm
Width 44 cm
Height 7 cm
Weight 6,10 kg
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Minkas warmplaat CeraNatur®, instructions