Unique ceramic goods since 1964

For us, ceramics are both a passion and an obsession. Our materials are natural in origin, flexible, mouldable, often difficult to manage and capricious, but last for decades – quite simply, wonderful materials to work with.

We trade following the motto “beauty and goodness must radiate from within”. To follow this principle,
we need to be respectful in our dealings with people and nature. Our methods are based on sustainability and protecting resources. We only manufacture our products in Germany, using unique artisanal techniques and with staff who we have trained ourselves.

In our exhibition you can see and buy everything we produce. In our factory outlet you will always find a multitude of design works, unique pieces and also some 2nd choice.

These are real temptations - great work at a small price.

The Art Studio Franz Denk

The Art Studio

Since he has retired from active business, he dedicates himself to his great passion, painting. The subject matters of his abstract and very intense paintings are space and time.

Das künstlerische Werk von Franz Denk wurde mit Staatspreisen, Designpreisen, Awards und Goldmedaillen geehrt.

You are very welcome to visit him at www.franz-denk.de or in his studio.