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Bread&Cake - The Patented Baking Dish

Good bread has become rare and expensive. With our patented Baking Dish, you can easily bake your own bread. 10 × used and you have already baked out the purchase price. But the pleasure of making your own bread is priceless.

Bread&Cake`s unique feature is its baking fluting, patent pending.

The secret of Bread&Cake

Before the baking mixture is placed in the oven, the fluting is filled with water. During baking the water evaporates, forming a film of vapour around the mixture and this is what causes a wonderfully crispy crust to form – the best part of the bread! The crust carries all the flavour and healthy ingredients.

Bread&Cake is made of heat-saving CeraFlam® ceramic so an even crust can form on the base of the loaf without burning – just like in a real wood-fired stove! Bread baked in the Bread&Cake not only tastes great, it also stays fresh for longer. You´ll be amazed how easy it can be to make delicious bread and cakes!

Our recommended recipes

Why not try out these wonderful recipes that have been recommended to us? Birger Engel, a gifted and experienced master baker and a wizard with a wood-fired stove, gave us his top tips.

  • Bread&Cake is designed for recipes with 500g to 750g of flour.
  • Bread&Cake is ovenproof and dishwasher safe.

For detailed information please download our Bread&Cake PDF.

Enjoy & save
Enjoy & save
With little effort, your bread will turn out as good as if it were baked by a wood-fired oven baker.
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Bread&Cake CeraFlam®, recipe booklet