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The DENK heart is handmade in Germany from unique Granicium® - formable ganite. It stands for love, power, energy, stamina and life. The DENK heart is a talisman or a present and brings always delight. 

DENK heart is manufactured from Granicium®. It is made in our workshops using artisan methods. Granicium is unique. The material consists of ground granite. After working it is melted at high temperatures back into a solid "stone". Granicium is a 100 % natural product, food safe, extremely hard and durable. You can find out more about our granite ceramic products at

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Length 7 cm
Width 8 cm
Height 2 cm
Weight 120 g
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DENK heart


Granicium is characterised by the properties of its raw material, granite. The high quartz and feldspar content makes this ceramic particularly robust and durable.

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