Granicium® is the world’s only granite ceramic. Ground granite is mixed in a special process and shaped. At high firing temperatures the mixture fuses into Granicium stone. Granicium is a natural substance and has the same properties as granite.

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CeraNatur® is an unglazed, completely natural ceramic. It is pleasantly smooth and stain resistant. Its colour ranges from light beige to natural brown.


We have developed CeraLava® from ore-rich lava sand. An anthracite-coloured ceramic, whose vibrancy and appearance harmonises particularly well with fire.


We use CeraFlam® in products that must store heat and be flame-proof. A similar composition of the material we developed was used in American space shuttles as heat insulation. This type of ceramic is very rare and difficult to process.

What makes our materials so special?

We use only the best, natural raw materials to manufacture objects of lasting value and high durability. The particularly high quality of all DENK products and their unique properties are only made possible by using materials that we have developed ourselves.

All of our materials are free from heavy metals and other toxic or harmful subStances. Our ceramics are food-safe.

CeraNatur®, CeraFlam®, CeraLava® and Granicium® are four ceramic developments that have been protected as Denk brands.

All ceramic products are manufactured in our Coburg workshops – handmade in Germany.

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