Waxburner Service

The Waxburner is safe and easy to use. As a technical device, however, the Wax Burner needs some maintenance now and then. These are simple handles that are easy and problem-free to carry out. Sometimes the use of poor candle wax or adverse environmental conditions can cause malfunctions. You can fix this yourself quickly and easily. We recommend the following procedure:

1. A glance at the operating instructions answers most questions
Malfunctions and problems usually have a simple cause and can be solved with a few simple steps. All troubleshooting steps are described in the operating instructions. If you no longer have the manual at hand, you can download, view and print out the appropriate operating instructions below.

2. In the film you see how it is done
Watch the movies below. There all possibly necessary service work is shown.

After these steps, your Waxburner should work again without problems.

3. If you still cannot solve the problem
If you cannot solve the problem despite instructions, first aid and film, please send us a picture of the patient. On this basis, we can make a diagnosis and give you the right information. Please send the picture by email to kundenservice@denk-keramik.de or simply by WhatsApp to Tel. 0049-(0)171-5632228.

Note on changing the wick
In our experience, wick changes are rarely necessary. As a rule, it is sufficient to remove soot from the wick, readjust it and soak it with wax.

Waxburner service phone: 0049-(0)9563-513320 (Monday to Friday from 9 am - 12 pm and 1 pm - 3 pm)


Waxburner Indoor & Outdoor - remove soot from wick

Waxburner Indoor & Outdoor - re-adjust wick

Waxburner Outdoor - change wick

Waxburner Indoor - change wick