The Waxburner is only available from Denk.

We invented it and the product has been protected for us.

Each Waxburner is safely and securely fuelled by wax and has a non-combustible, permanent, glass-fibre wick.

Leftover candles and old wax can easily be used as an environmentally-friendly, recycled fuel.

Old wax becomes new light. Each Waxburner is supplied ready-filled with wax.

We offer Waxburners for Indoor and Outdoor use.


The Waxburner can be used excellently as a fragrance dispenser. Just add a few drops of Aroma oil to the wax and enjoy. For this purpose, we offer a selected range of high-quality oils.

Denk Aroma Oils

We produce the Waxburner from three different, natural ceramics, which we have developed and protected for us.

more about our materials

See how the Waxburner is getting handmade.


Versatile tips and tricks for maintenance and use of the Waxburner.