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Roll Baker The Patented Baking Dish

Wake up your family to the delicious aroma of home-baked Sunday rolls. It’s really quick and easy, even in your pyjamas or dressing gown. With our patented baking dish, you can bake delicious, crusty Sunday rolls without years of baking experience. How about sweet-smelling currant buns, crusty Sunday rolls, fine poppy-seed rolls or hearty ham rolls? You can prepare all of these and much more with the roll baker. Become a master baker with our delicious recipes!


The patented roll baker is handmade from heat-retaining, unglazed CeraFlam® ceramic. The colour shimmers with natural brown tones. On the top there are six baking moulds with a channel for water all the way around. The results you can achieve are almost like those from a real wooden oven. The water in the channel evaporates in the oven during baking and a defined layer of moisture forms on the bread itself. This bakes the rolls right through and gives them a wonderful crust.


Pre-heat the baking dish in the oven to around 230°C. Put the dough balls into the moulds in the baking dish, which does not need to be greased. Then pour approx. 100 - 150ml hot water into the channel. Baking takes around 25 minutes, depending on the recipe. What is more, you can use the baking dish again as soon as the rolls are ready, for example, if you have surprise visitors at breakfast time.


It’s easy to bake your favourite rolls by yourself. The roll baker guarantees outstanding results and you can choose all of the ingredients and the flavour yourself. For example, do you prefer special varieties of flour, yeast or leaven, organic milk, honey, maple syrup or a little or a lot of salt? The choice is yours and you will be inspired by how many opportunities are open to you.

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